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Real estate buying and selling of metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa) is LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd.


Privacy statement

Personal information that had LIST International Realty Co., Ltd. (called "us" as follows.) provide with this book and personal information to have us provide in future meet the following we "privacy statements" and handle.

Entity Handling Personal Information LIST International Realty Co., Ltd.
Main Office: 4-47, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
The acquisition, the use of personal information,
Basic policy of offer
We perform the acquisition of personal information of customer by appropriate means and perform objective public announcement, notice, clear statement of the use and, without agreement of the person, do not do the handling of personal information beyond range of the use purpose. In addition, we perform according to procedure to set of laws and ordinances when we offer personal information to third party and perform disclosure.
Safety measures of personal information We make an effort zealously to manage personal information of customer safely, and to run and perform rational and appropriate safety measures for prevention of danger from the outside to personal information to unjust access, loss, damage, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information, unjust outflow to outside the company. In addition, we make effort to manage personal information appropriately by setting information management supervisor, and identifying access right holder, etc. We also develop internal rules regarding handling of personal information and hold seminar for our employees to understand and share the importance of personal information protection. In addition, we review appropriately and, about appropriate measures about our privacy policy and safety management, improve.

1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We use personal information of customer for the following purposes.

1. For construction business including design, construction, after maintenance and renovation of real property.
2. Buying and selling, lease, management of real estate and business about those substitution, intermediation
3. For import/export and sale of products related to housing, living supplies and decoration such as housing materials and interior products.
4. For business of insurance agency
5. Business about eating and drinking, wedding, sightseeing, entertainment, product sales to perform in cooperation with other companies
6. For business related to each business and service mentioned above

Because offers of service that accepted request of emergency correspondence and customer in the business mentioned above and article information and product information by method that mail, E-mail, telephone visits about service, the presentation, invitation of plan, amount of money, business activities such as introductions of products, conduct of recalls such as construction, after maintenance others equipment of a house apparatus of real estate, investigation analyses such as development of customer trend, the use situation, the use environment, products, business model, confirmation work in audit and the above business contact customer as needed, we use.

2.Offer to third party

When there is legal request from court, the police or organization with authority according to them, we disclose depending on this, and, as for the personal information of customer, we may be provided in document, mail, telephone, the Internet, E-mail, advertising media by third party as far as it is necessary for the achievement of use of above purpose. In addition, offer to partner point stops by proposal from the person.

Examples of Third Parties
  • Business owner, agent company and mediating company on sales of real properties.
  • Counterparty of agency and broker business on selling, buying and rental of real property and monthly parking, and potential contractant thereof, other housing land and building dealer, advertisement agent, realtor organization and REINS
  • Financial institution, judicial scrivener, land and house investigator and real estate management company related to real estate transactions
  • Insurance company, construction subcontractor, house apparatus, facilities mechanic company
[Personal Information to be Provided]
Personal information of range where the achievement of the above use purpose is necessary for full name, address, phone number, e-mail address of customer, article information, contract information, item of personal data
[offer to third party in foreign country]
Personal information of customer may be provided for the purpose of offer of real estate information, information for various services at the time of stay in vacation rental other foreign countries to third party in the following foreign countries.
[overseas group companies of LIST International Realty Co., Ltd.]

The United States of America

The Republic of Singapore

The Republic of the Philippines

People's Republic of China Hong Kong special administrative region
・List International Realty Limited

The Kingdom of Thailand

In addition, we may offer personal information within the purpose mentioned above when overseas group companies are changed in the future by new establishment, integration and abolition. We publish in our homepage for more information about overseas group companies.

3.The joint use of personal information

We share your personal information and data among our group companies and joint companies.

Scope of third parties to use information jointly
Group companies of LIST International Realty Co., Ltd.
・List development
・List construction
・List asset management company
・List Holmes
・List properties
Common enterprise company of the list group companies
Purpose of Use
Like the above "use purpose of personal information"
Personal information and data to be shared and used
Personal information of range where full name, address, phone number, e-mail address of customer, article information, contract information are necessary for the achievement of the above use purpose, item of personal data
Representative of Administering Personal Information
List IT Division
〒231-0015 4-47, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa list Kannai building
・Group companies may be changed in the future by new establishment, integration and abolition.
・Please be forewarned that your personal information may be transferred in case of reorganization of group companies such as merger or split-up.
・We will take additional necessary measures in case that we use your personal information and data jointly with companies outside the group.
・We provide detailed information of our group companies on the Website.

4.Trust of the personal information handling

We may consign the handling to outside supplier about personal information of customer for reasons of going ahead by duties smoothly. In this case, we choose trust including standard that is enough for protection of personal information and carry out appropriate management by methods such as imposition by contract to prevent leak and re-offer.

5.Correction of Personal Information, etc.

  • If a customer's personal information is recorded incorrectly, the data may be amended or changed upon request of the customer. When you request us to disclose your personal data recorded or to stop use of the data, or for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us at the following.
    The list group personal information management secretariat
    Phone number 045-264-9579 FAX: 045-671-0022
  • For details of disclosure procedure for recorded personal data, please refer to Note that for disclosure of recorded personal data, you must pay predetermined fee.
  • When you want to stop receiving e-mail from us, please contact us at the following.
    E-mail address for unsubscription: [email protected]

6.To Users of the Website

・Concerning Access Log Files
In this Website, we use access log file and picture file (clear gif) to investigate visitors' trend. Although this enables us to obtain statistical data on the use of our website such as IP address, domain name and referrer information, we don't use the data to collect and analyze the personal information.
・Concerning Links
Although our website includes some links to other websites, these are not for sharing personal information. We shall not assume any responsibility for collection of personal information through linked website. Please make sure to refer to the privacy statement on the linked website.
・Concerning Security of the Website
We do our best to prevent unauthorized access and leak of information by using special encrypted communication technology called SSL, and by managing the information in exclusive server protected by security system called fire wall.
・Concerning Update of Privacy Statement
We may update contents of this privacy statement. We will announce the update on the Website. The updated date is provided on this page. Please confirm regularly. In addition, when there is an important amendment, we notify you on the Website. When the purpose of use of personal information has been changed, you can both agree or disagree with the amendment.
・Concerning Opinion, Complaint and Objection to Privacy
When you think that we do not follow the privacy statement shown on the Website, please contact us via pri[email protected] at first. We will contact you after confirmation of the content, and will try to take appropriate measure.
・Concerning Cookies
We use cookies on the Website. Cookies enables us to provide more suitable service contents to our customers. Depending on the setting of your browser, you can see whether the website uses Cookies or not, and can refuse to receive cookies. Please note that some of the services provided on the Website may cease to be available when you refuse cookies.

Personal information of customer set this "privacy statement" in us what kind of policy it was managed the acquisition, the use by. We recognize importance of personal information of customer, and our all officers, employees observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection and official regulations in the company and think about the appropriate acquisition, use, management of personal information that it is the most important to be thorough in the office and handle personal information to have you provide from customer with extreme caution and cope with complaint, consultation about privacy policy quickly. In addition, we carry out review continuously and try for more improvement, improvement of personal information protection.

This privacy statement was updated on March 21, 2019.

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