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It spreads through 70 or more countries and territories of the world
We begin with high-quality real estate intermediation brand


In resort, villa these in beautiful days

We List Sotheby' s International Realty,
Global real estate intermediation brand
Of "Sotheby' s International Realty®"
We acquire Japanese exclusive business rights,
We develop global business in Asia-Pacific region.


The same healing passion of southern country

One of the most resorts, Okinawa in Japan. Direct flight and international flight to each places of the whole country are enriched, too and can access remote island by airplane and ferry. We enjoy marine sports by warm climate in spring in Natsuaki and the sea of emerald green through one year and can thoroughly enjoy dynamic Nature like southern country.

The nahaterasukuraburejidensu
The nahaterasukuraburejidensu
Naha-shi, Okinawa

The terrace hotels where business owner dealt with "the busenaterasu." Special residence which declared "harmony with nature, recurrence to nature", and created original "terrace-style" resort life. Time going by relaxedly only in Okinawa and refined space of adult spread out.

The beach front
The beach front
Nago-shi, Okinawa

2-story villa which is located to the distance while we enjoy scenery of southern country Okinawa by car from Naha Airport for about 90 minutes. Outdoor pool and facilities including jacuzzi bus are fulfilling, too. The sea is near, and contrast that is white sandy beach harking back to private beach, biBitto of flower tree only in southern country is beautiful environment.

Mount Fuji, Izu, Suruga Bay…Luxurious making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden of Japan

Shizuoka where Miho no Matsubara and Yaizu and Shimizu Port, Izu Peninsula along Suruga Bay overlooking Mount Fuji, beautiful Japanese scenery including tea plantation of Makinohara spread. It is the deluxe ground to be able to spend under the influence of the Kuroshio Current relaxedly while tuna and bonito, eel thoroughly enjoy rich taste warmly even in winter.

Atami-shi 3 stories residence
Atami-shi 3 stories residence
Atami-shi, Shizuoka

Discerning residence to see Sagami Bay in a 5-minute walk from JR Tokaido Line "Atami" station, and to be able to enjoy fireworks. It is completely equipped with theater room to be able to enjoy movie and music luxuriously in wide space with 6LDK+2DEN+ sun parlor. In extensive garden, we can practice golf.

Residence of Shimoda, Izu
Residence of Shimoda, Izu
Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka

Residence of ocean view to be located in tip, Shimoda of Izu Peninsula having good access.Culture concerning history roots in this famous ground as first Japanese treaty port, and villa life that there is a magnificent space wrapped naturally comes in *kitsu.

Urban resort where charm of land, sea and air dwells in

Chiba who has Narita International Airport and Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line among the seas in Mikata. It is town where city convenience and nature including Kujukuri Beach and Seaside Park, village forest and ranch harmonized with by warm climate. Substantial morning market and fresh farm products, marine products at Roadside Station color daily livings wealthily.

Reef Break Resort
Reef Break Resort
Isumi-shi, Chiba

Villa of southern country-style located of Tokyo Station by car for about 1 hour 45 minutes. Resort-style where dome-shaped guest house "yurt" and open-air bath, owner's original sense including kitchen, BBQ corner dwell in at location looking around the sea from precipice stimulates curiosity and heals mind and body easily.

Millenia Katsuura villa residence
Millenia Katsuura villa residence
Katsuura-shi, Chiba

Residence of 3LDK of resort community located on the hill overlooking the Pacific. Regime including support and patrol patrol is good for 24 hours and is multi-room of soundproofing facilities maintenance and luxury with furniture, household appliances and villa which is easy to live a life very much more. We can maintain urbane lifestyle.

Town where sensitivity intersects history in brand in the sea

Minato Mirai, Yokohama, ancient city Kamakura and Enoshima, Hakone leading hot spring resort and Kanagawa that has various charm including Miura Peninsula and the sea of Shonan. In the seashore in particular, rich sensitivity of the ground breathes in local gourmet and fashion, original lifestyle lively.

Residence of Hakone Sengokuhara
Residence of Hakone Sengokuhara
Hakone-machi, Kanagawa

Cloudiness hot spring of Hakone that is one of the best hot spring resortsResidence of pull-in finished. Museums such as Pola Museum of Art and Venetian Glass Museum Museum scatter, and superb view of rich Nature including Japanese pampas grass grassy plain and Sengokuhara damp ground spreads out in one side. It is art and location to be able to enjoy the seasonal richness close.

Kugenumakaigan Luch' s Style
Kugenumakaigan Luch' s Style
Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa

Single-family house of California style to be located in a 13-minute walk from Odakyu Enoshima Line "Kugenumakaigan" station. Facilities to be able to enjoy ocean life including multi-garage where we can park two with more than 30 square meters of electric shutter and surfer shower are satisfying.

Brillia Onaricho, Kamakura 2 stories residence
Brillia Onaricho, Kamakura 2 stories residence
Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

Residence which there is once large samurai residence in Kamakura Station 4-minute walk, and is located in "Onaricho" that there was together of Kamakura Imperial Villa. By sharp building design based on black by Kisho Kurokawa, space planning by "new mansion" by mark Ito of Japan's leading hotel interior designer concept, we bring about dignity appropriate for this ground and new value.

Kamakurayama residence
Kamakurayama residence
Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

Area where the nobility, wealthy people lived for a long time, and upper-class residential area "Yamazumi, Kamakura residential land" was developed land for early in the Showa era. Many celebrities interchanged, and original culture was brought up. The feature remains in mature building and cityscape which are simple and elegant now as villa place and sightseeing spot. Needs from foreigner are residences of expensive Kamakurayama, too.

We take a deep breath in summer resort "Karuizawa"

Villa place, Karuizawa on behalf of Japan. There is luxury to be peace and calm given clear air here. Time ... to enjoy to wine one hand under refreshing morning waking, beautiful starlit sky. In this ground which cultured people spent, "refined elegance" dwells in all scenes.

Residence of former Karuizawa Mount Atago
Residence of former Karuizawa Mount Atago
Karuizawa, Nagano

A 7-minute walk only from JR Hokuriku Shinkansen "Karuizawa" station by car to about four minutes, former Karuizawa Ginza. Extensive villa more than land 3,000 square meters in area to nestle in quiet historical villa place. All rooms are equipped with floor heater, and they can spend time warmly in winter. The appearance that Wood deck is characterized by if fitted with glass shines in green of Karuizawa beautifully.

Karuizawa, Nagano

Artist, residence by space project of kawa* Rieko of person of calligraphy. Title "day to hear voice of trees." "It is work which we choose value of spending the present age in our living nature to frame at time when we left style of mountain cottage of Karuizawa of the old times for art and rebuilt than we make house where this Karuizawa project is new" (we extract than by Kawabe)


It is done inspire for beating of "Asia"

Aggressive, energetic Asia. On the other hand, resort style to let mind loose relaxedly is in good health while taking solar light.
In List Sotheby' s International Realty, we set up Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, 4 bases of Thailand and introduce Asian beautiful residence.

Mediterranean-style residence
Mediterranean-style residence
Hong Kong miniature mountain top Minami-ku

One of red leech Peninsula development projects to be located near the calm sea. By space design to take in light abundantly, it is Mediterranean-style single house full of open feeling. Clubhouses in area include pool and gym, tennis court.

Residence of Hakuba
Seaside Manor House of bohoru island
The Philippines

Designer house which was built by the sea of bohoru Island where the neighbor of Cebu, untouched nature and beautiful diving spots scatter. This family designed to tropical climate receives commendation much as one of the beautiful residences of this ground.


"Hawaii" that charges energy of paradise

Royal road Hawaii of resort where world capitalist pays attention to. In List Sotheby' s International Realty, we repeat the sale results of well-known article including "announcer one Alamo" "Park Lane" and are engaged in the Hawaiian front line as official partner in sale in Japan of "word village" now.

Victoria place
Victoria place
Hawaiian Honolulu

Large-scale development "word village project" since Oahu began. Well, in town planning that we spent time of about 15 years on, 16 condominiums architecture is plan. With special location called the neighbor of Victoria word park, sale of the seventh building "Victoria place" advances now.

Hawaiian Honolulu

Well-known well-established condominium in the west of Waikiki. At 30 stories of deluxe location to play time when the sea and lagoon, yacht harbor are beautiful, access to each place including Ala Moana Shopping Center is good, too. We can thoroughly enjoy longed-for "hotel-like resort".


We color the life in second house of "the world"

"Sotheby' s International Realty®" spreading through 70 or more countries and territories of the world is real estate intermediation brand leading 1,000 offices including we Japan and agent more than 23,000. Through beautiful real estate, we color the borderless times wealthily.

The santonore Louvre
The santonore Louvre
Paris, France

World's largest art museum "Louvre" which more than 10000000 people visit every year. It is said that there is art more than 7,000 years ago in about 35,000 points of exhibits. In this ground where history intersects art of France, Louvre is deluxe condominium to be within walking distance.

borugo erumenegiruda
borugo erumenegiruda
Italian biGolino

Residence which is located in hilly areas of Veneto enrolled in world heritage (cultural heritage) of the UNESCO in 2019 in northeastern Italy. Hill of several levels ranges in this ground known as straight production center of popular wine "professional secco", and beautiful vineyard spreads.


In this situation, can you talk about resort real estate now?
The number of inquiries decreases about overseas real estate, but is in tendency to increase in the country.
As you support safety of customer including on-line guidance in consideration for ten minutes, please feel free to contact.
As we live in distant place, we do not have time to observe.
As you can confirm with video which you shot in 3D scan camera "Matterport" made in the United States, please order.
As there are articles becoming impossible of shooting by case having time for offer, seller, approve on this occasion.
Do you come in request for assessment, sale in resort real estate owning?
Our company lays emphasis on real estate sale that made use of original domestic and foreign wealthy people networks.
As we utilize network of "Sotheby' s International Realty®", and foreign countries can disseminate information, too,
At first, please order conditions.
Concrete area does not decide, but is looking for thing with the asset nature.
Including consulting of asset operation, we will suggest home and abroad laying upon, suitable real estate.
As you consider medium-and-long term plan to request of customer, please feel free to contact.
By the resort real estate purchase of home and abroad, can you talk about loan?
Our company has large number of results, but may not be so when we can make loan by the situation and article of customer.
Please refer individually.
I would like management of villa.
In cooperation with our partner company, we do management, support to real estate of possession, the situation.
As service contents change by home and abroad and each area, we suggest individually appropriately.
Can you talk about real estate buying and selling except resort?
Our charge staff is in Tokyo. Particularly, please leave the purchase or sale of high-quality real estate of the downtown area to us.

Our strength

High-quality resorts 70 countries of the world or more
We can access real estate information
With 70 including Japan of the world or more countries
We can look for local resort real estate.
High brand naradehano
Original wealthy people network
In original wealthy people network, it is not announced the public
We own a lot of off market real estate information.
It supports Japanese, English, Chinese and supports buying and selling
To overseas customer of the purchase of overseas real estate, possession real estate
As we suffer from sale activities in window, don't worry.

Our thought

List Sotheby' s International Realty
The advice of resort, villa life

More freely in boldness.
Of the borderless times,
Beautiful resort, villa life.

By these days, globalization and growth of the internet,
As for the sense of values for resort, villa rapidly
We change.
For place of seasonal long vacation of course,
Hideaway of healing to be on the everyday extension line,
And as place of remote work,
Beautiful nature and cityscape only in resort
Movement to be busy freely in the life accelerates.
That does not stay in the country now and spreads through foreign countries.
Simply because it is the borderless times,
The unseen richness is infinite.
Do you not look for resort, villa more boldly?

About us

Sotheby' s International Realty®
The richness of lifestyle to you.
High-quality real estate intermediation brand without equal
... sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti ®

Real estate intermediate brand birth genuine article-oriented for 1,976 years
Sotheby' s International Realty®
sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti ®

"sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti ®" which was born as real estate section of auction house "Sotherby's" which there was history most, and had the results which existed founded in 1744. We set up the headquarters in New York and are establishing position as high-quality real estate intermediation brand now in 70 or more countries and territories. We set up base in 42 of 50 states in the United States and, using marketing know-how that made full use of the highest IT, send real estate information to the world.
※Japanese office is the following reference

  • ・Network which spreads in 70 or more countries and territories of the world
  • ・1,000 offices
  • ・Agent more than 23,000
  • ・Total amount of article handling of the whole brand of 2019: 114 billion U.S. dollars (about 12 trillion yen)
  • ※We convert for 1 U.S. dollar ⇒ 109.00 yen (2019 yearly average)

We pull Asia, the Pacific area making rapid progress in 2014
List Sotheby's International Realty
LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd.

In Japan, list founded in 1991 acquires Japanese exclusive business rights in cooperation with "sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti ®". As "LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd.", 2 bases also set up Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and 4 bases in Asia in Hawaii 10 bases in the country. As Asia, top leader of the Pacific area making rapid progress, we pull real estate transactions of the global times.

  • ・Base is general real estate company
  • ・We develop business in Japan, Hawaii, Asia (the country and overseas distribution, sale network)
  • ・The Sotheby' s International Realty® Asia-Pacific region intermediation results first place

※Of Sotheby' s International Realty®
 The results (2015) in Asia-Pacific region

Buying and selling, lease intermediation in Japan and foreign countries…
From real estate for the residence to domestic and foreign resorts

We are catch-up with characteristic of real estate market which we make use of network of Sotheby' s International Realty®, and globalization goes ahead through quickly. We look for real estate which fixed its eyes on the future and change our home and do suggestion that is most suitable for every needs including lease, operation. When "valuable real estate" only for customer is to the borderless times when choosing is not seized with border and genre now, from the residence use to resort article for business, investment, we enter. It is we List Sotheby' s International Realty that goes the most tip.

  • ・Domestic 10 base (Tokyo, Kanagawa) 
    ・2, Hawaii base 
    ・Asian 4 base
  • ・Domestic and foreign intermediate business 
    ・Corporation business 
  • ・Japanese/English/Chinese correspondence


LIST International Realty Co., Ltd. Ginza office
The fifth floor of 2-6-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Meidi-ya Ginza building
About 1 minute on foot from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Ginza-Itchome Station
Business hours: From 10:00 to 18:00 regular holiday: On Wednesday (excluded on holiday)

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