Huge network which spreads in 72 countries and areas

sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti ® is born in 1976, and agent of 23,000 people is moving into action now at 72 countries and areas, about 1,000 bases. We utilize this huge real estate network, and it is usual, and wealthy people customer of all the countries of the world which cannot approach can disseminate information. Leave it to me in high price range wage charges 1 million yen for foreign local representative, executives or more in peace.

Substantial full support service

When we rent article, we make advertisement and recruit residents and we make documents and make a contract and fix in state to be able to live and collect rent, and we help duties that there is many to cope, and to be concerned with ... such lease administration of inhabitants trouble in place of landlord in a mass.

1. All the windows of resident conclude in us

We help with troublesome duties of lease administration on behalf of landlord in a mass. When you use us, necessary procedure of landlord is only five.

  • STEP1

    Inquiry of request for lease

    About article which you want to rent, please use our free assessment by all means.

  • STEP2

    Consent of landlord

    When application for entering entered, we will have consent about the residence of entering applicant.

  • STEP3

    The wage charges receipt of money

    As I hand wage charges that I kept for tenant on designated date to landlord, please confirm.

  • STEP4

    Request for update condition's confirmation/update

    In timing of deadline for rental, I would like review of condition and confirmation.

  • STEP5

    Request for cancellation of a contract payment desk work

    In response to the cancellation of a contract request from resident, you request representation of desk work associated with the cancellation of a contract in us.

2. We urgently rush and support

Of living accept "trouble" 24 hours a day, every day "that's a problem".

Trouble of clogging, water leak

We take an emergency measure by trouble of water in the room including clogging of water leak, restroom and drainage of faucet.

Key, trouble correspondence of lock

Key does not fall out, is lost, and do not put in the house, and specialty supplier copes with trouble of the entrance key.

Trouble of glass

By crack and damage of glass sash in building, we take an emergency measure by good self-care work such as plywood.

We contribute to recruitment of residents with powerful weapon

Our company finishes recruitment of residents for a short term and is doing invention to have you get rent income even slightly early.

1.Advertisement that made sure of target

We analyze characteristic of article and advance to shooting and information making after having made clear what we should introduce into the target layer. We are particular about preinclination and the quality to be chosen with differentiation and "the first impression" thoroughly.

Of advertisement making
Making efforts point

  • Shooting with single-lens reflex camera

  • Drawing which focused on easiness in seeing

  • Copy which conveys charm of article definitely

2. Photograph which drew charm of article to the maximum

We photograph all the articles which I took with single-lens reflex camera. Angles to exaggerate brightness and balance, charm draw potential of article in quality with high staff who was familiar with real estate.

About Global Brand

The results of sale more than 12 trillion yen a year※

Real estate brand "sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti" (Sotheby's International Realty®) which led the world had auction house "Sotherby's" in the origin and was established as real estate intermediation section in 1976. The network spreads in country and area more than 70 of the world, exclusive site more than 1 million PV monthly in original rifararu (introduction system) in key introduce VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) quickly, and the sale results exceed 12 trillion yen by business deployment that made full use of IT. As brand of the one and only to pull world real estate market, we establish the firm position.

※Total article sales price of the whole 2017 global network

Our Company

We expand business as the Japanese only sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti (Sotheby's International Realty®) brand

"LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd."

We developed general real estate business around Tokyo, Kanagawa as list group and it was naive nationwide and institutionalized "existing house five years guarantee" and promoted approach that led the industry. Based on such domestic results, we acquire exclusive business rights in Japan of "sazabizuintanashonaruriaruti" (Sotheby's International Realty®) in order to meet real estate needs to globalize. As "LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd.", we expand business in 2 bases and booming Asia to Hawaii 10 bases in metropolitan area and promote domestic and foreign cross-border transactions.

Our Company

LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd. Hiroo Branch

Professional of real estate lease will support lease operational management of landlord well

LIST International Realty Co., Ltd. Hiroo Branch LIST International Realty Co., Ltd. Hiroo Branch
LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd. Hiroo Branch
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TEL0800-800-24640800-800-2464 (call for free)
Regular holidayTuesday and Wednesday

LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch

Professional of real estate lease will support lease operational management of landlord well

LIST International Realty Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch LIST International Realty Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch
LIST Sotheby's International Realty Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch
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